Subscribe Membership in the bilingual platform of plein air painters in France we wish to offer you a new service
The Association “Festival of Cross-Cultures” has decided to create this online platform in an effort to benefit the world of french plein air art and artists by:

increasing their visibility abroad uniting them and rendering them interactive
This idea originated from a surprising observation: if the french plein air painters know each other more or less within their circle, they are not at all exposed to the outside world, neither in France nor abroad.

Yet, this is a widespread practice in the rest of world, both in the West and in the East, and foreign artists as well as foreign publics are curious about the art scene in France.

Therefore we have decided to launch a bilingual website with the welcome page fully in English to target out international audience. It is of course also available in French.

The aims of this platform are:

  1. to present french plein air painters recognised as such by their peers
  2. to progressively introduce our foreign guests, who already painted in France
  3. to announce the upcoming plein air events across France and abroad
  4. to share a list of artist residencies abroad accessible to french professionals and discerning enthusiasts upon request.
  5. You will have no obligation towards the Association “Festival of Cross-Cultures”, you will not become a volunteer and will not be solicited for any legal obligation of the Association

The fixed membership cost is 50€ for the year.

This membership offers you the exclusive access to all our services and to spaces that are not accessible to non-members, including:

  1. listings of all calls for application with the exact date and time of competitions
  2. listings of artist residencies in France and abroad related to the plein air practice
  3. the full schedules of plein air days suggested by the Members to paint together in various regions of France throughout the year
  4. sales offers at our partners (accomodation, manufacturers and retailers of fine art equipment)
  5. Subscription interest you – go to the subscription page:

We are happy to receive any suggestion or request from you, which could help us improve our platform and our services.

To date, we are at the start up phase and we have yet to test our economic model.

Nevertheless, one must start off somewhere and this project is well worth trying! Your participation and support are thus very important to us. We rely on your trust and we thank you in advance for your accession.

Sincerely yours,

Anna Filimonova, Tél. (33) (0)6 61 91 23 98



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