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Fréon Christel

Christel Fréon, born in Mantes-la-Jolie, cultivated her passion for painting and drawing since childhood,later pursuing artistic studies in Paris. Graduating in Graphis Art from the national School of Applied Arts (more…)

Rocher Olga

Olga Rocher  was born in Russia and grew up in Rostov-sur-Don, where he was an award-winning student at Rostov Art College. She moved to Saint Petersburg and had diplomated from (more…)

Anne-Isabelle RubaÏ

Roubaï Anne Isabelle Born in Paris, having always painted, I waited patiently for the day when painting would take its place. In 2003 I decided to deepen my technique with (more…)

Melmoux Carole

French artist born in 1971. Her paintings are not representations of reality. They are rather, visions, which offer one the opportunity to see reality in a different way. However she (more…)

Matthews Linda

Linda Matthews is working as a full time professional artist and tutor for over 20 years, in the United Kingdom. Recently Linda has relocated to Autignac in the south of (more…)

Passemard Antonin

  Antonin Passemard received his education at the Beaux-Arts. His artistic path took him to the United States to study in “ateliers” and then to the Repin Academy in St (more…)

Amauger Sophie

I do not have a favorite subject to paint, it is all about being taken up byan atmosphere, being transported. Working from nature is an experiencewhich never leaves me unaffected. (more…)

Penouty Florence

I paint landscapes as they are when we are not there. In their intimacy. This is why I do not represent either characters or animals. They would disturb this moment (more…)
Barbara Petit - Vue sur le rio Pisuerga

Petit Lisy Barbara

Award-winning in many exhibitions, exhibiting in Parisian galleries, organizer of training courses and workshops in France and abroad, Member of the Taylor Association and the Association of Friends of André (more…)