Amauger Sophie

I do not have a favorite subject to paint, it is all about being taken up by
an atmosphere, being transported. Working from nature is an experience
which never leaves me unaffected. There, I am both a spectator
and an actor. It is a ritual to search, let the view seep in, set up and finally
start. I wait for the moment that will open a small door to elsewhere,
offering up a feeling of plenitude and, just for a moment, of all-powerfulness.
Degree at the Beaux Arts of Rennes in 1980.
Further course at the Brassart Graphic Arts at Tours.
Since 2000,I am entirely dedicated to outdoor pastel painting, and recently
oil painting, guided by the light and its effects
Maître Pastelliste, member of the French Pastel Society, Pastel Arts in
France, Italian Pastel Society

“Saule chemin de bio”, pastel.

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