Anne-Isabelle RubaÏ

Roubai Anne Isabelle

Roubaï Anne Isabelle

Born in Paris, having always painted, I waited patiently for the day when painting would take its place. 
In 2003 I decided to deepen my technique with the masters of the School of Etampes, directed by Philippe Lejeune. 
Having left Paris, I moved to Bourron-Marlotte, a charming village rich in its artistic past, 
1 hour from the capital near Fontainebleau, where Alfred Sisley, Paul Cézanne, Camille Claudel lived….

The adventure can continue...

Preferring symbolic visions to chatter, painting must be self-sufficient. No gimmicks or bluster, 
away from smoky theories, far from grandiloquent concepts. I seek to convey the refinement of the intimate...

An emotional force, A human truth

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