Lefort Thierry

Thierry Lefort
Thierry Lefort

Thierry Lefort, french painter, born in 1967. Studied with Philippe Lejeune at the Atelier de la Vigne. Known for his mastery of oil painting, especially for his big urban landscapes, which gave him fame.
He teaches painting in Paris for several ateliers, and gives several days workshop in other countries like Marocco, Italy, Russia and in California.
He is the President of the Salon dʼ Automne subjective figuration painting section, at the Grand Palais, in Paris.

Thierry Lefort, Hollywood Blvd!
Thierry Lefort, Hollywood Blvd!



  • Taylor foundation Gabriel Zendel award: Salon d Automne 2018 Amis du Salon D Automne award: Salon dAutomne 2018
  • Marin award for contemporary painting 2017
    Jurys special honors at the Salon des Artistes Francais 2017
  • Regianial award at the department of Etampes 2015
  • Figurative award in Maisse 2015
  • French Landscape Painters Prize: French Artists Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris 2014
  • Versailles Gallery award: 148th Versailles Art Exhibition 2013
  • Andreʼ Joseph Dutruel award: National art Exhibition 2013
  • Painters award : Salon d art d Evry 2013
  • Cadre et Lumiere award: Dourdan Spring salon 2013
  • Marin award contemporary painting 2012
  • Taylor foundation Grand award : French Painters exhibition at teh Grand Palais 2011
  • City s award of Leuville sur Orge 2009
  • Painter of honor award: Salon d’art of Palaiseau 2007

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